Dog training & health app
Launching 2018, by Ross Fretten
Kibble App, by Ross Fretten

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How it Works

Puppy classes
in your pocket

How to train a puppy or dog

Short, fun dog training courses designed by experts to help you train your dog.

Understand your dogs
health and mood

How to train a puppy or dog

Activity tracking lets you understand your dogs mood and behaviours.

Flush away the hassle
of puppy toilet training

How to train a puppy or dog

Toilet train your puppy or dog in days, not weeks.

The Journey So Far

One paw at a time.

  • Sailor's sad face

    Autumn 2015

    The problem emerges

    Before getting a dog, I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing. I found lots of conflicting information from lots of hard to use websites and boring, thick books. It was a needlessly complicated and time consuming chore.

  • Sailor as a puppy

    Winter 2015

    A solution is developed

    Now sharing my house with my hairy golden friend, Sailor, I decided to throw away all but the best bits of these websites and books and with my expertise in behavioural psychology create an an easy, manageable daily routine that I knew would work for Sailor and me.

  • Sailor at the park

    Spring 2016

    To make a difference

    I was getting stopped so many times every day by people all wanting to know how Sailor was such a well behaved puppy. I realised I could make a difference to all these dogs being confused and misguided by their well-meaning but equally misguided owners.

  • Kibble, Day 1

    Summer - Winter 2016

    Kibble is born

    I invented Kibble - a dog training and health app and spent the second half of the year finding time alongside my full time job to create a prototype and test it with existing and about-to-be dog owners. The results were overwhelmingly positive.

  • Ross Fretten, The Apprentice Candidate 2017

    Autumn 2017

    Kibble becomes a national brand

    The Kibble App website is launched to coincide with Managing Director Ross Fretten appearing on The Apprentice 2017 TV show.

  • Kibble Connected Dog Collar

    Winter 2017

    It comes together

    A major milestone is reached as the iPhone app prototype, the electronics prototype and the industrial design come together as one.

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The Day 1 Team

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Ross Fretten

Ross Fretten

Managing Director.

The Apprentice 2017 Candidate.
Award Winning Product Designer.
Has dog.



Chief Field Tester.

Inspiration for Kibble.
Award Winning Dog.
Has owner.



Get in touch if you're the following:

Software engineer (iOS a must).
Hardware engineer (BLE a must).
Data scientist (fitness is helpful).

And of course Kibble wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for my colleagues and friends that have helped and collaborated with me along the way. These are some of the best business planners, digital strategists, visual designers, hardware and software engineers I've come across in my career.